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ending a tennacy

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hey i just wanted to put this out there so others dont make my mistake.
when ending a tennacy do it right give your notice etc ….. i was in a flat for over a year with no heating and ended up losing my temper stopped paying the rent then went in a threw the keys at them….. and as you would expect i stil ended up having to pay the rent till the lease was done…lesson learned lol…. had i kept my cool and went through the channels ,contact my local council and /or an organisation called C.H.A.T. (north ayrshire) whilst in the flat i would have had a good argument for claiming rent moneys back to the date i agreed the lease and also had my lease cancelled with out notice with my deposit returned ….so keep calm and contact the relevant people in your area(you citezens advice bureau will provide you with the relevant organisations to contact locally).

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Thank you for the advice Alexander.

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