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Entering home without permission

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I was just wondering if it would be possible to get some advice on an event that just occurred in my home. 

My landlord is putting my home up for sale, and the estate agent wanted to send a photographer round to take marketing photographs. I called them yesterday (18/10) to let them know today would not be possible (and my letting agent had been emailed already to say it would not be possible). The lady I spoke to said she would let the photographer know, and rearrange and contact me. I had already told the estate agent that I was only available for viewings etc on certain days, and today was not one of them. 

Then earlier today, I was in the shower, with the bathroom door open, when a photographer lets himself into my flat. 

So I quickly put my robe on and explained to him that I had called them yesterday. He is a freelance photographer and explained they hadn’t let him know. 

I was very angry and went into the estate agents office and asked for the deadlock key back, which they gave me and apologised profusely. 

I am very upset by this. I was just wondering if there is anything further I can do? 


Any advice would be very helpful.



This is completely irresponsible behaviour:

1. They ignore your note about availability

2. They enter without prior notice – a minimum 24h is required by law

3. They give the keys to a complete stranger – some freelancer to do as they please

You should look at what complaint procedures they offer and follow that. Also look at what professional memberships they have – National Association of Letting Agents, The Property Ombudsman, etc. and file a complaint in each one as well. 

Finally, you can flood they digital channels with bad reviews. 

They gave you the keys and it’s unlikely that this will happen again, but you need to make sure to leave a print of their mistake online. It’s unlikely to get any compensation, however. 

Here is our article on landlord / letting agent access: http://www.thetenantsvoice.co.uk/advice_from_us/landlord-access/

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