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Escrow accounts for advance rent

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I recently left salaried employment to launch my own business. I move to the UK from overseas so I don’t have access to a UK guarantor. The landlord through the lettings agent, is aksing for 2 months deposit plus 6 months rent upfront. I can afford this but of course would rather not part with so much cash up front as I am wary about what would happen if there was an issue with the flat and I needed to leave and ask for the return of rent advanced. Is there a way that money could be held in some kind of escrow acount for my protection? 


Hi Lisa

It is quite normal practice to pay rent up front if you don’t have a guarantor or an employer. In terms of escrow accounts if you google search you can find a few but be wary as there are a lot of fraudulent escrow services out there – some even have FSA details. This link might be helpful – it suggests this site which looks reputable but carry out your own checks as I haven’t ensured its authenticity.


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