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Estate agent query

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we moved into a rented property two months ago and since we moved in the shower has been broken. It does not drain, meaning that if we want to shower we have to scoop out stagnant water or smell indefinitely. With three people in the house, the situation is quite severe. We have notified the estate agents (we do not have contact with the landlord) but they seem to now be avoiding our calls after about a month of empty promises (we called them with our caller ID withheld after weeks of futile unanswered calls and they picked up immediately). How should we go about this? Would it be possible to withhold our rent until it is fixed? Many thanks!   


We do not have contact with the landlord – you are legally entitled to have your landlord’s contact details. This is your right.

Would it be possible to withhold our rent until it is fixed?  – you can, but it’s not smart. If you don’t pay two months of rent, your landlord can automatically gain a possession order and evict you, without having to serve a section 21 notice first.

How should we go about this? – You need to send them a formal letter requesting repairs. A week after you need to send them a second one and restate the problem. A few days after you needs to send them a final letter, requiring them to do repairs or you will go to the environmental health department. 

If they don’t do anything, phone your local council and get them to do an inspection of your property. Upon inspection, the officer will serve the landlord with a notice for improvement requiring them to do repairs by a set deadline or to suffer a fine. 

In general, that’s how any repairs problem should be approached. This is the correct procedure to involve the council as fast as possible, or to force the landlord to do repairs in the meantime. 

Here is more information on the matter:

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