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Everyone Read This!!!

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I have posted several times on this site about or damp and mould issues. It was our agent that suggested that we contact Environmental Health.

An order was placed for works to be completed. It was a stupid female officer that blamed us, saying that it was condensation, our lifestyle, and a lack of ventilation.

Well, none of the work actually got done!!! In the mean time, things got worse, remember all that rain, when we all thought it was summer?

I complained about the officer, and asked for another inspection. My husband contacted the MP. Before the MP replied, the head of Environmental health phoned me. He said that he would be accompanying the officer, and that she was probably right about condensation. Then the MP contacted us, he contacted the Head of Environmental Health, and asked for a report. Today the Head of EH, his officer, and our agent came round. He walked around looking at all the problems, and said it was . Penetrating Damp!!! At last a sensible person. Now, the original works proposed by the stupid officer (Vents everwhere), were torn up. I am glad the work wasn’t done. Now a new, very expensive remedy is in place. They have only one month to do them, as the last was ignored. It is mostly work outside, but the whole flat is now going to have some special insulation at last. THIS is an order! This new stuff like wall paper that insulates (Ask me the name, and I will find out) claims to cut our fuel bills by half (if you can believe that). But it will make all the cold walls warm. So to all of you with problems, complain, complain, and complain some more. You cannot be thrown out when EH are involved, and they can’t put your rent up.


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I’m trying to work out the connection between the officer being stupid and her being female.

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