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Evicted within first month by landlords lender!!

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The first property I’ve ever rented after owning houses for years.
Started my tenancy on 1st Aug 2014. By the 8th I’d received a letter saying a warrant for repossession had been applied for to the local court. Court hearing date was the 14th Aug so this was applied for 14 days earlier, the day my tenancy started.
Then receive a hand delivered letter saying property is being repossessed on 2nd Sept !!
I’ve now moved to my parents and emptied the property.
I need to claim back my deposit from the agent which should be ok but just wondering if I’d be entitled to my arrangement fee returning (£295) or a part of it? I’ve had other costs like moving fees, twice in a month, post redirected – now cancelled and no refund. 12 month phone/broadband contract which can be moved to another property but currently I don’t have one. I’m about £1300 out of pocket within a month and this excludes my deposit of approx. £1250.
Is there any chance I can get something back from the agent??

Thanks in advance.

Depressed 1st time tenant

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