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ive just had an eviction order through, i have until 9th febuary, the landlord isnt happy with the repayments of £25 a month for paying the arrears off, and i recently reported him to the private panel and they are requiring he does repairs, on the flat, which is many, the panel are getting strict with him, because he is refusing to do them, which im thinking is the reason he wants me out, cause its costing him too much money, that he has to spend, but, on the eviction order he has served, its saying “im getting the full housing benefit and i havnt paid any of it too him”, i rang the benefits offfice and they are angry at him lying like this i have written proof, that the private benefits office is paying the landlord the money, and im going to the citizens advice office for help, can i ask, regarding, i owe arrears, DOES the landlord HAVE to pay back my deposit of £300 odd, does he have to return this to me? or will i not get it back due to arrears? thanks

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You are you in Scotland, right? (your mention of the private panel, makes me think it must be the PHRP). How much do you owe in arrears? And wd you be happy to let him keep it, if it meant you were up to date on all payments? Assuming you plan to leave by 9th Feb. An eviction notice is only a notice. It is actually a criminal offence for your landlord to evict you without a court order, and a court order is not the same thing as giving notice. Legally, you can stay in your home right up until court officials come to your house, which could be up to 6 months AFTER the end of your notice period.

If your landlord tries to make you move out sooner by using intimidation or threats, this is a criminal offence and you should tell the police (but be prepared for ignorance; some police mistakenly believe it is a civil, rather than criminal, matter!).

You are legally allowed to change the locks to protect yourself from harassment, as long as you keep the original lock and put it back on when you leave. You should also tell the Tenancy Relations Officer at your city council if you are being harassed.


well i have moved out into my fellas flat, i have accepted that i won’t get the deposit back, but, he still hasn’t bothered with any repairs, i don’t know if he will now, i’m gone, but, he has to attend a hearing now.

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