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Hi, I moved into a property 2 weeks ago, on the day I moved in the landlady apparently attempted to gain access, I must have been out getting something to eat or sparko after a long day of moving!  I advised her that I had only just moved in and would be happy to meet but could she give me some time to settle in.  She said yes ok, but then I got another message from her regarding meeting up (a few days later), then I received an email from her on day 6 asking if I would buy the house, I complained to the rental agency (they are not managing the property) and they advised that the landlady has a bill of £25k she cannot pay and needs to sell up!  After a few discussions they said she will be selling with me as a tenant in situ, unnerved me but was assured it was ok.  She sent another message last Saturday asking to meet up and telling me she will be in the area today (13th), I went back to her and said I wasnt comfortable as I am still finding my feet and boxes all over the place, would prefer to have unpacked etc I told her that I didnt appreciate her attempting to gain access on the day I moved in.  She hadnt agreed on any inventory so she had no reason to not give me notice to gain access.  Today I receive an email from the agency, even though they are not managing the property, saying the landlady is exercising Section 21 to move into the property as her principle residence and because I didnt agree to meet her I have contravened the tenancy?  I signed up to a 12 month agreement on the landlady’s instance.  Where do I stand?!


Hi Madeleine

In terms of entry, only in a genuine emergency – such as a burst pipe – could the landlord enter without your consent. That applies from the moment the tenancy begins until the moment that it legally ends.

What bit of the tenancy agreement do they think you have breached exactly? It might be worth asking them that question and seeing if they can provide a credible answer. Your obligations in the tenancy are usually things like paying rent, not doing damage, not being a nuisance and allowing access with consent. I’ve never heard of a tenancy agreement requiring a tenant to meet a landlord. It might be worth having a word with someone at a law centre or citizens advice to make sure they’ve gone about the process of removing you correctly – it’s more likely that they’re waving ‘breach of tenancy’ rubbish at you because they’ve messed up someone and need to bully you into leaving.  But I could be wrong.


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