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Hi all, I’ll try and make this as breif as possible…

My partner, our 3 children and I have been renting a 2 bedroom flat over the last 3 years.

the property is let through an estate agent so I asume with an AST 

During our time here we have received numerous complaints regarding things that we are not guilty for. Our landlord has supported us fully and always taken our side with these disputes.

Last Friday we received a call from our landlord explaining that once again we had recieved a complaint of using chemicals and working from home at night ! This obviously is completely false (my partner and I both have day jobs) regardless to say the freeholder had requested that our landlord hand us 2 months notice or he would be in jeopardy of loosing the flat ?

We as tenants have never seen any evidence to support these claims (there is none!)

I guess my real question is where do we stand ? We are fully accepting of moving, and had been discussing a move next year regardless. however we cannot help but feel we have been bullied and harassed to leave over complaints that are purely fictional. Is there anything that can be legally done with regards to this ?

any help or support would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Shaun

Your landlord must give you proper notice to leave but if it’s an assured shorthold tenancy and the deposit has been properly protected then they don’t need to give you a reason why they’re asking you to leave.If that’s not the case then they do need to give you a reason to leave and you can make a claim for an unprotected deposit.

Given that you’re looking to move anyway it might be easier just to walk away. If the landlord feels guilty about forcing you to go hopefully they won’t try to hold on to any of the deposit…


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