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Ex-tenant owns me money for bills and house stuff

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I’ve been lucky enough to get out of terrible lease after 3months, and obviously my ignorant tenant owns me around £200 for bills and £70 (ammount we agreed upon) for things she bought the house (but we both shared the cost).

I gave her deadline to agree on how much and how often she can pay me back each back.

I’ve only considered 2 options:

– Calling the police to report a theft (she is keeping my share of the house furniture and other stuff) without giving it back to me

– Small claim court action against her for the money for bills she owns me

What are your opinnions guys?

I’m not expecting to get this money back being honest with you, I just want to make her responsible for her action.

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I’m assuming this is a tenant that you shared the property with. I don’t think calling the police is really an option here – I’m not a lawyer but I doubt it falls within the definition of theft and you’d probably get a pretty hostile reception from a policeman.

You could make a small claim, however, as long as you can prove what is owed. There’s more info on doing that here. Probably the first step is to write a relatively official looking letter, sent recorded delivery, and give her another small amount of time within which to pay you back, making it clear at the end that you’ll take court action against her for the amount, including interest, if she doesn’t pay what she owes. Sometimes that is enough to get someone to take action and if not then it’s relatively easy to take someone to a small claims court.


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