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extended contract adivice

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I would like some advise about my extended contract.
2 months before my contract run out i get email from my agency that i can extend my contract for 6 month but my monthly price will go up from 450 to 500 pounds. I emailed back if i can choose 6 or 12 months. They reply that is ok to extend for another 12 months, so i reply that i choose 12 months option.

Couple of days later i recived new contract but the price was 450. So i singed and send back. Then i get email in which was attachment( scan of that contract also signed by the agency with old price of 450 pounds)

So I thought, if they singed that mean that they agree for old price for another year.

Today i get phone from my agency that they recived only 450 pounds and they should recived 500 pounds.

Do i need to start paying 500 a month if my contract show old price?

thank you in advance

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Hi, thanks for posting in our forum.

If both you and the landlord have signed a fixed term tenancy agreement for 12 months at 450 pounds per month, then the document is legally binding – were you given a copy of the new tenancy agreement signed by both parties? If so, then it could be argued that you do not have to pay the extra 50 pounds a month.

However, you were made fully aware of the landlord’s intention to increase in rent with the offer of an extension, despite the error in the document.

Some might say it is the letting agent’s fault for making the mistake and he landlord’s fault for not reading it properly before signing, and that you should take advantage of the situation.

On the other hand, it will undoubtedly create ill feeling between you and the letting agent and landlord who will most likely give you notice at the end of the fixed term.

If you are happy with the property and how it has been managed by both letting agent and landlord, and you would like a longer term tenancy, then you could always negotiate and offer to pay a more reasonable increase in rent for the first 6 months with another slight increase for the last 6 months. (50 pounds is a LOT of money – you are well within your rights to query such an increase in the first place.)

Good luck with your decision.

Disclaimer: This information is derived from personal experience and should not be relied upon as a definitive or accurate interpretation of the law.

The Tenants’ Voice advises all tenants to act courteously and reasonably in all communications and dealings with letting agents and landlords and if you suspect an infringement of your rights that you seek advice and support from a regulated professional. TTV recommends Shelter https://www.shelter.org.uk/ 0808 800 4444

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