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Extending tenancy agreement

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Hello, I’ve been renting my place for a number of years and want to stay on. I’ve asked to extend the tenancy agreement for a further 2 years, but the landlord is suggesting only 1 year on the basis that they don’t know how the market will be in a year’s time. They’ve also said they don’t want to unduly raise it in a year’s time either, but I’m worried that they may change their mind and I’ll be hit with a huge increase meaning I’ll potentially have to move out of what I consider my home. 

Is there any way I can ask the landlord for something in writing, maybe as part of the current tenancy renewal, to state that they won’t put the rent up massively in a year’s time, or am I living in a dream world to even consider that that is possible?!

Please can anyone help with some advice about this?

Thanks very much. 

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Hi AZ,

I think the Landlord has been very clear and fair. You state that you have already been there a number of years so, by now, you should know your Landlord. It doesnt appear they have hit you with huge rent increases in the past so is unlikely to in the future. As such, seeking such a confirmation, may cause offence and actually have the opposite effect as desired.

Ultimately, the Landlord is entitled to charge whatever he/she wants for a new contract and expecting a Landlord to contractually commit to this isnt really justified without offering them something in return. For instance, we have had Tenants request longer contracts but, to sweeten the deal, they have done things like repaint the house themselves, or redone the garden (entirely at their own cost of course). They then get a home at a fixed price and the Landlord gets and maintained/improved property for being nice and locking in rents.

Hope that helps.


I agree with the agent, don’t rock the boat. The only other way is to offer to pay, several months up front.  We were able to this a couple of times, because money talks. At least you can get another year. We are stuck with 6 monthly. Although it has been that way for 15 years.

Always be nice to your landlord, he/she is giving you a home. I hate moving.


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