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Extending tenancy - Unresponsive agency

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Nearly a month ago, I sent a message to the letting agency about extending my tenancy for a couple of extra months. I got called back by a woman who said she’d get in touch with the landlord. Since then, I have rung several times to get an answer, only to get told ‘We haven’t heard back from them yet.’ My tenancy is coming to an end in a couple of weeks and I need to already have an answer so I can sort out my living arrangements!

I have been reading about tenant rights, and understand that my tenancy is an assured shorthold tenancy agreement, and that when the tenancy comes to an end, I have the statutory right to remain in the property, as the tenancy will convert to a ‘periodic’ tenancy. However, during one of the phonecalls to the agency I got told, ‘We cannot allow you to remain in the property without the landlord’s permission.’

I’ve heard nothing from the landlord, had no communication and have not been served any notice. Am I correct, that it is my right to remain in the property despite what I got told over the phone? It doesn’t seem like anyone’s chasing this up or that the landlord particularly cares.

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This –> ‘We cannot allow you to remain in the property without the landlord’s permission.’ -> is not true.

When the fixed term expires, the tenancy converts into periodic automatically. There is no need for anyone to permit anything. This is a naturally occurring process, based on the official law. 

You can remain in the property. If your landlord wants you to move out, they need to serve you a 2 months notice (section 21). If YOU want to leave, you need to serve a 1 month notice. 

It’s not too complex. 

Here is some more info:



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