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I have recently moved out of a property. The landlord has been ignoring the agents emails for a month. He has just come back to them. The property was well looked after and left in immaculate condition (as stated in the independent inventory). However there was a small tear in the (cheap) lino in the kitchen when removing the washing machine. The tear is tiny (as demonstrated in the photos). However the landlord has got a quote for repair/replacement for £750!!!!

I dont think I should pay this extortionate cost of replacement. I believe that due to the size of the tear this icould be considered fair wear and tear. If I can’t consider fair wear and tear, can I demand my own independent quote and pay for the repairs as I have a friend that is a carpet fitter that will do the whole job for £150. 

Many thanks in advance!

***Please advise how to upload photo as I can’t seem to do it

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Hello Karim, 

First off, don’t worry. To prevent such issues from happening, your deposit needs to be protected in a scheme. You can use the scheme’s Alternative Dispute Resolution to get an impartial judgement on your dispute with the landlord. 

Get an official quote from your carpet fitter friend and contact the scheme where your deposit is protected. From there on, they will help you follow the correct procedure and solve the dispute.

You should have a paper with prescribed information from the time when your landlord protected your deposit. 

If you have none, you should contact them and request details about which scheme they used to protect your deposit. 

If they don’t tell you, you can check yourself, as they are only three and each have a tool to check if your deposit is protected with them. See the links below:

Check if your deposit is protected with Deposit Protection Service.

Check if your deposit is protected with the TDS.

Check if your deposit is protected with My Deposits.

If you can’t find your property with either, then your deposit is likely not protected and your landlord is liable for up to 3 times the amount (payable to you) as compensation. 

Here are two articles that will help you with more information on deposits, deposit protection and disputes. 

Tenancy deposit protection schemes (TDP)

Deposit deductions and disputes

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