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Fair cost for repairs

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We recently moved out of our rental property and left with a couple of repairs needing. We acknowledge the damage but need to know what would be a fair and reason payment to the landloard. 

1. Worktop had a heatmark and section would need replacing. Not only problem with matching but cost of install. Worktops could be bought for around £80 plus fitting £200 ish (complete work surface) would we be expected to pay for all sections?

2. Carpet burn – iron mark on carpet. Carpet is through lounge / dining area ( classed as one) Carpet around 6/7 years old. What would be a fair cost percentage wise to replace.

Landlord I feel is looking to take advangtage of this situation.

Appreciate any advise



Hi Brian- the worktop will cost you. The Landlord can only charge you for the cost of the replacement peice and the refit cost however, depending on how old the worktop is, you may get that cost disvounted (but the labour remains unchanged).

As for the carpets, those are on the older side. I dont think the Landlord could claim more than 50% and, in reality, probably more like 25-30%.

Just ensure you keep an open and honest and polite conversation. Any quotes the Landlord sends you, feel free to verify idependently. Try to reach an amicabe and fair agreement and move on.

Hope that helps

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