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False Advertisement by the Lettings Agency

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I have just been granted a tenancy for a 2 bedroom flat after much trouble with the referencing and lettings agency because they wanted to speak directly to my manager but he couldn’t because he was on holiday and they even threatened that if they cannot, they will fail the reference checks and we will lose our deposit, my manager then came to work specifically to help me out and thus we passed the referencing checks, but this still showed me how the Lettings Agency and the Referencing agency were so quick to fail us.

However, my complaint is not what’s aforementioned but instead its false advertisement from the advert and also the lettings agency.

When we took interest in the property, the advert said that the property has its own allocated parking and we were told this by the lettings agency as well, after signing the tenancy agreement, we were told the parking space is in the back garden drive in which we thought was fine but that was until we opened the drive in gates and found that they are large in width and that they open outwards blocking both ways of the entrance.


As you can see in the picture above, the gates open outwards as shown by the red marking and thus block both the right and left way into the back garden to park a car in.

I have explained this to our portfolio manager but she thinks that its our choice that we do not want to park there instead of understanding that it’s impossible and illogical to park there as i would damage my car, i am not even able to fit in my Vauxhall Astra hatchback which is a small car let alone my new car which is a saloon Mercedes. 

She has said that there is nothing they can do about it and that if i do not want to park there then i can use the on street public parking.

I find this really rude as they knowingly advertised the back garden as a parking space when it is impossible to park there, i want to know what are my rights and what can i do?

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Hi Ash,

If you can prove that the property was advertised with ‘allocated off street parking’, that the entrance does not fit your car (supplied evidence is completely unsuitable) and that you have been misled then you may have a case to make the agent pay for the provision of something similar.

From experience, however, this will be tough as you attended the property to vew it and there is a duty of care on you to ensure what is supplied is ‘fit for purpose’. That is to say, you had an obligation to ensure your car would fit through the applicable gates as agents cannot be expected to know the entrance width and that of each model of car.

I think you have an uphill struggle on your hands and would probably recommend just using the on street parking.

Hope that helps.

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