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false advertising of amenities and lettings agent increasing rent and date when rent is due.

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I am a student living in a privately rented “student halls” which also houses non students. When I first viewed the property in May 2015, I was told by that the building (which was still a building site) was due to be completed in September 2015 in time for moving in and would comprise a gym, social areas and silent study areas. 

September came, it was still a building site, I was once told that the building was due to for completion within the fortnight and that any disruptions in in quiet enjoyment would be recitifed by goodwill gestures of small refunds based on the duration of the building work. So I believed them. Silly me. 

There was no laundrette facilties until November 2015. So I had to get taxies to take me to and from laundrettes, there was no gym until April 2016, even now it is hardly a gym that they advertised. It has 1 treadmill, a set of weights and a cycle in a small room with no ventilation at all. They’re arguing that the picture was only a digital mock up and was never intended to represent the final “gym” and have refused to address why there is no social spaces or silent study areas as advertised. I was also without internet for the first month of my tenancy and also for a month in May 2016 during the exam period. 

They have stated that the gym, social spaces and silent study (which are still being advertised on their website as part of the amenties) are not written in the contract so I can’t hold them to it. Do I have a case?

they also refuse to reimburse me at all for the lack of internet which IS written in to the contract as part of our rent. 

Furthermore they have changed my rent charges from 3 big installments over the academic year to monthly payments and an increase in £50 overall and changed the dates of when it is due, I have argued that this is not allowed as there is no procedure written into the contract for such actiond but they have ignored me and just continued to demand rent. I have quiried over and over about this £50 increase but they have ignored it. 

Can I pursue them for misrepresentation? 
I argued they had misrepresented their amenities and they threatened to sue me for slander, so I went on their website and print screened the amenties which they claim to offer, but in reality they are not ready!

They have offered refunds of £200 – £315 to other students for the same issues, and even allowed 1 girl to break out of her contract 1 month early, but have refused me anything. They say that I can’t rely on what other students claim to have received because its guarded under data protection. 

These people are a joke. I’ve been demanding answers for 3 months and were ignored every step of the way. 

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