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False Current Living Reference

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I am in the process of a new tenancy application and my current managing agency has provided a false reference to my potential agency. The false reference was due to the fact that their records show that we had two payments in arrears, which we have not. Please note that the agency has been incompetent in tracing the payments for several times and we had to provide proof of payment every now and then. Since the provision of false reference I have sent them proof of all payments showing no payments missed but have not yet contacted my potential landlord to let them know that the false reference was provided in error.

Any advice on how I should proceed with this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Ana,

By law, the agent should be a member of 1/3 government approved redress schemes (such as TPOS) and this can be reported to them.

As for the false reference, I suggest you obtain bank stamenets from your entire tenancy and supply thesew to your new Landlord, with rent payments highlghted, alomng with a copy of your previous tenancy agreement as proof these were all made on time.

Hope that helps.

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