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Faulty in water heater caused £1,700 electricity bill in 6 months

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I entered in a rented flat around May 2016, and just the day the letting agency shown me the house, I noticed there could be a problem with the water heater (I didn’t like how it sounded) but the agent said it was perfectly ok.

After a week of entering the house, I noticed a faulty in the shower. It wasn’t maintaining the temperature flow and after two weeks the letting agency did some fixes in my shower and in the room where the water heater is placed.

Since that, I just received an estimated bill in August from SSE for around £305 per 4 months, which is not bad, but it was estimated. I sent my readings back but I never had a re bill with the right price, so I just waited until the next one.

Today I entered my readings to pay for my electricity bill, and I found out that there’s a bill to pay for the amount of £1402, so that means that the price I paid for my electricity bill for the entire 6 months period is £1402 + £305 = £1707 (£284,50 per month). We are two people in 1-bedroom flat, who barely are at home (both workers).

I took my own time and advices on Internet, and decided to do a test of some appliances that could be faulty, and I discovered that after several readings (night, morning), my water header is taking 0,1kWh every two minutes, which makes 3kWh per hour which means an average of 26,280kWh per year. I read the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and it’s supposed to drain around 1,849kWh per year.

Do I have the responsability of paying the whole bill?

Thank you in advance.

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I would demand your landlord to send a certified electrician to redo these measurements and come out with an official report. 

Then I would demand this money to be covered by the landlord, as you’ve reported problems with the boiler, but they did not send somebody to check up on it and this bill was created by the negligence of your landlord.  You should not suffer this bill !

Use this guide to send them official complaint letters and involved the environmental health department as soon as possible on your issue:


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