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Faulty toilet

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Im a private tenant. I left my flat last Thursday to go to a hospital appointment (abdominal surgery) as normal. I leave my flat everyday to go to work. I live alone. When I got back to my horror the toilet had been gushing gallons and gallons down itself for 2 1/2 days. It stopped when I touched the flush button. Its never done this before. Now Im going to be faced with a MASSIVE water bill payment that is not my fault I dont think but am just checking this out here. Ive reported this to the estate agency who manage the flat who will send a plumber out. I live on a budget here and now I’ll end up with this huge bill. The flat itself is good in parts but cheapskate in others. Im so full of anxiety at what this is going to cost me can anyone suggest anything on here. Thanks in advance


First and foremost calm down. Getting stressed will not solve your worries, it will make new ones.

My suggestion would be to contact whichever company provides your water. Tell them exactly what you have written here. If you don’t tell them of situation how can they help? I am VERY sure they will be able to help you. You will be able to come to some sort of arrangement.

Have a nice cuppa now, and Stop worrying.

Bolly x


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