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Feeling unsafe at home, rent reduction?

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I have been living at my place since february and since week 1 I have been dezling with my neighbour that lives upstairs.  She has mental issuex and makes my live miserable. Cant sleep properly, I wake up angry and argue with my bf, everytime I get home from worknshe is making noise and gets in my nerves. Is such a a noisy person, she has conversations with herself and chokes herlself, throws her rubbish through her window,  she slamms the door 5 times in a row very heavily just to annoy. She drinks at the front door and pees too leaving the stairs stinking. I have tried everything already with the council the police and letting agent but is a long process which none of them is interested in bein part of apparently.  I would like to know if i can ask for a rent reduction until this problem is solved. I am moving out of UK in 5 months, dont wanna waste time moving out and all tnat for just 5 months, i just want to pay less as i live right underneath and im the most affected neighbours and also the onex who pay most, the rest are paying half of what we pay. What kind of letter should I write?

Thank  you


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You can try and write a letter to your landlord, explaining the situation and asking for the rent reduction. HOWEVER, I find it very unlikely to succeed. 

Unless the landlord owns the property above, or is in any other way related to the flat or the neighbour, there is absolutely no legal responsibility for him to compensate you for your issues. 

They are issues with the neighbour and therefore you must contact the council, or police. 

Sorry, but your chances for financial compensation in any kind are very slim, if possible at all. 

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