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Fence repairs, neighbour dispute

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Hi all, hope you can help me.

We recently (March 2016) moved into a rental property. There was a damaged fence in the garden on the border between our and our neighbours back garden. She had a dispute with the landlord over who was liable to pay for the repairs, nothing to do with us tenants. She has recently had the fence replaced by her own expense, but the guys who completred the repairs have left the broken wooden panels from the old fence in our garden, along with some rubble they removed to set the fence foundation and some empty concrete bags and other left overs. I am not sure she is aware they left it there, or whether she even advised them to do so, but either way we were not notified beforehand, if she had had a quick chat we would have contributed a small amount towards removal, even though we feel as tenants we are not liable for any expense.

Just wanted to know if anyone had experience or advice for me before I have a chat with the neighbour. My partner just wants me to throw all this stuff back over the fence, but I was hoping for a more amicable resolution!


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It is really easier to go to wherever (uaually your town hall or council offices), to view the land registry, for your house. It is open to the public to view. If the boundries show, that is indeed your boundry, then I’m afraid, the neighbour was entitled to chuck all the rubbish on your side. It is the same with hedges and trees, if the neighbours have to cut them back, then legally they can throw the off cuts back. You really should check first, and then, without falling out with that neighbour, sort things out amicably.


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