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first rented house,after long years in the army and having trouble

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Hello.. our problem is : we have been on and off to try and get a new heating system as the old one caused mould ( which landlord denies) and finally,as she tried using my name to get free boiler fitted,the specialist checked all out and told me that the emergency boiler should be replaced asap,as it doesn’t turn off.he send her a copy but i never had one. after waiting and waiting,she told us,she can’t claim the free boiler. so a few weeks later i got angry and called her to sort it out and she send a plumber yet again and finally agreed things need to get changed. we have had the plumber here for 2 days, without heating,just the electric fire place downstairs. second day it should had been all done,but ohhhhhh were i wrong. the radio heaters busted and had to be turned off, 2 broken ones… but we been told we can put the heating on. so we did,as we have 2 kids in the house and 2 days without heat,was bad enough. oh well, that evening i had to put the pressure up on the tank and my husband screamed upstairs to turn it off, as i looked down,water came all down from the sealing and the light…. husband called LL and she was like: oh is it that bad?” he told her he want a plumber there ASAP and finally she agreed. so the plumber we were hoping to see was the apprentice. he told my husband that the radio heater in our daughters bedroom broke,its soaking under the bed and he turned it all off and we can use the heating again. we didn’t that night as we all were to scared. we never heard of any if and when they come to exchange the heaters so i called her up,angry and saying its a joke as she cashes 525 from us and we are the ones without heating, she said to me,its our responsibility to keep us warm until its sorted, so i was like: well,citizen ship says you have 24hrs to fix things.” she finally agreed but not without telling me that her plumber can’t get the bits right now as the shop aint open on a saturday ( we started the heating repairs on wednesday). plumber called us back,saying he will be around monday but we said we have hospital so he needs to come around before 2pm ( as i had hospital,diagnosed with cervical cancer). yet again,we had no heating, we slept downstairs,our oldest had to share bedroom with her sister ( which was hard,as she is not allowed to share due to her special needs, and she freaked out so badly) and next door where kind enough to give us one of their electric heaters. coming monday, i sat waiting and waiting,called her again,and she was like,oh i will find out… plumber called me back to let me know he can’t come as he only had the delivery at 12pm with the radio heaters,but due to me not leaving him a key,i will be without heating another day. finally,tuesday came,he fixed the broken ones,but thats just 2 weeks ago now and i still didn’t had a proper inspection here. so all this writing now , I’m wondering, can she do that,like she did and left us in the cold for nearly a week??? and not even offering a reduction or something??? oh and she still hasn’t come around to look how bad the water came out,what other damages been done while putting new heaters in or covering the wall where the old boiler was in the kitchen and its a huge patch now. we have pictures and recordings swell.
kind regards

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Hi Steffi, I think you may be a little confused about “citizenship”. Do you mean Citizens Advice? You may have misunderstood what was said because your landlord / landlady does not have to fix something in 24 hours. Your landlady would have to give you 24 hours’ notice of coming to do the repairs. Whilst it is a long time to be without heating your landlady did fix it and we presume that you have the heating working correctly now.

During the time that you were waiting for the heating to be fixed there appear to be at least two occasions when the heating could not be immediately fixed that your landlady didn’t have any control over e.g. the hospital appointment and the plumber not being able to get delivery of the radiators until a certain time in the day.

In terms of the damage caused by firstly the removal of the old boiler and then the leak in the ceiling you should send photos of this damage to your landlady and request that these areas be repaired. You could also ask her if she is prepared to make some reduction in your next rent payment for the inconvenience that you experienced when you were without heating but in the circumstances she cannot be forced to allow that.

She clearly applied for a new boiler, but for whatever reason was unable to get one, and then sent tradesmen out to fix things. From this point of view she carried out her responsibilities as a landlady. However, it is still worth asking if she would make a reduction.


Hi Steffi

Your landlady does have to give you 24 hours notice of workmen arriving to do repairs. However, you might want to consider letting the workmen in if they do call at random and you are at home because it does get the work done. It might be slightly inconvenient to you but if she has arranged for the work to be done it removes the inconvenience of you living with the problems. Naturally you can exercise your right and tell her that legally she has to give you 24 hours notice but bear in mind that this could delay the work being done.

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