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First time renter - help much appreciated!!

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Hi all,

I’m currently living at home, but will be starting a new job in my university city (a fair distance from home). I’m visiting said city later this week to view some properties, but as it’s a popular area I would like to reserve one ASAP.

What I need help with (and I know this will probs vary from agent to agent) is how to go about reserving a property, and obviously as I’m travelling a fair way on the day, what I need to bring with me to do so. I am especially worried about this as me and my partner will be joint tenants (I think this is the best way to do it so we’re both legally responsible for the rent?)

To reserve a flat would I need to fill out the application to the landlord there and then? So would I need to bring proof of UK residency, reference letters (which I don’t currently have!!) etc with me, or is it enough to pay a deposit/fee and send these on to the agent? Again I really need an answer to this as I can’t fill in the form for my boyfriend!

If anyone can offer advice I would really appreciate!


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