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Fishmongers has opened downstairs!

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Hi all, 

I hope somebody can help me! A Fishmongers shop has opened below my flat, and am allergic to fish! The smell comes to my flat too,even though it is not very strong. But enough to cause me symptoms> What can I do? Is there any very strong air conditioning available, or do I need to move? Any other suggestions? My symptoms are not too bad at the moment, stuffy nose and bit itchy,but i don’t want this to continue. The fishmongers opened 3 days ago,and I was not told about it beforehand. 

I’m a tenant, but have 10 months left in my lease.

Any help would be appreciated! Many thanks.Have a great weekend!

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Hi Sherri

The Landlord probably wasnt aware- I dont know too many Landlords that would welcome a fishmongers beneath their investment…..allergies or not!

All you can do is go to your Landlord, explain the situation and your particular issue (foxus on allergies and NOT smell) and see if you can reach some agreement.

Best of Luck.

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