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Fix the Damage at the end of the tenancy

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Dear All,

I recently moved out of a property. At the inventory check out it was found out that a small crack was made accidentally on the washing basin in bathroom. I did not have any clue about it but I was ready to pay.

Agent told me that their contractor will let us know about the costs. The basin is working and funcational just with a small crack.

Coupld of days later agent told me that the landlord insisted on replacing it completely and the issue is that there was a marble on basin which should be broken to get access to the basin. So the repair cost will include the marble replacement as well!

My question is that whether the landlord can have such claim? It was not a new basin and there was just a hair crack on that, so am I responsible to even pay for replacing the marble worktop?

Any help appreciated.

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Hi Arash

The concept of betterment means that the landlord can’t be put in a better position than they were when you moved in by what they are charging you. So you shouldn’t have to pay the full cost for a new sink if it wasn’t a new sink when you arrived.

Normally, chips and cracks to sinks are not wear and tear so it would be up to you to pay for it. Did you take any photos? It might be an idea to get a quote from someone else to see how much they would have charged to pay for it and whether it was neccessary to break the marble too.

If you really disagree then offer them an amount you think fair and then contact the deposit protection scheme that held your deposit. Raise a dispute with them. They will require the landlord to prove a) that the work was required and b) that the cost was fair. They will then be able to decide what is a reasonable amount to charge you for it. It’s better to let them decide as landlords can be very grasping when it comes to deposits and you’ll never get a fair deal with a greedy one (plus tenants often don’t know how much is reasonable). I would say that the deposit remains your money until the landlord proves a right to any of it so don’t let them tell you otherwise.

Raise the dispute quickly as there are time limits.



Thank you Alex,


It was not new.

Now, my question is that if the marble has to be replaced to change the basin, shall I pay for it given the fact that the basin is working and functional?



I think the best bet is to raise a dispute with the deposit protection scheme and let them decide as they will have much more experience as to what’s reasonable/normal.

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