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Flat advertised with allocated parking space but not in reality

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Hello everyone,

I just moved into my new flat; it’s a 3 bedrooms flat. There are 5 flats in total in the building and ours is number 2.

The advert, which is still online, said it had an allocated parking space. “outside to the rear of the property is secure allocated parking”

It’s basically a long shelter with 4 car spaces (remember, the flats are 5) and are numbered from 2 to 5 (there is no number 1)

As my flat is number 2, the guy who showed the house to me and my girlfriend said that number 2 was our allocated parking space. It made complete sense to me as there was a big number on the wall that said “2”! There was a car parked there at the time and I thought it belonged to the couple living there at the time of our viewing.

Today, after entering the house, I noticed that the car was still there, so I texted the landlord (which I’m still to meet) and asked for explanation. He replied “The spaces are not allocated so I think you just park where you wish I guess people may stick to a particular space, but I’m not sure. Speak to other residents as they are all nice. Or say hi to Alan in the flat above as he nows what’s what.”

I bumped into another resident and asked him about that; he confirmed that the places are not allocated, the numbers don’t mean anything and are old, and that a 5th car can be parked outside of the shelter (which in my opinion would obstruct the movement of the others…)

I rented this flat because I was looking for a house with a garage but I eventually settled for this one; I’ve got a motorbike and I would like to keep it at least under a shelter. There were cheaper houses with just off street parking.

I don’t think it’s my responsibility to go and speak to other residents, nor I cannot ask the guy who is parking at “my” place to move the car.

What do you think I should do? 

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