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Flat advertised with gas fireplace... fireplace not working

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Hi All,

I recently moved into a new flat which was advertised by the letting agency “with gas fireplace”.

After we moved in we found that there is no gas connected to the fireplace. We asked to fix this but the landlord refuses to get the fireplace running.

One reason for this flat was the gas fireplace. Do we have any options to get it running? Or are we allowed to get a rent reduction for the broken fireplace?

Thanks for your responses!


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Hi Pascal

Is the fireplace mentioned in the inventory/tenancy as part of the property? If so then put something in writing to the landlord and ask them to either fix the fireplace – as the tenancy requires – or offer a percentage rent reduction for the loss of the fireplace and the cost to you of providing an alternative heat source. If they don’t respond then you could point out that if the tenancy requires a working gas fireplace and there isn’t one then the landlord could be in breach of the tenancy.



Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply. The gas fireplace is mentioned in the inventory with the comment “not tested”.

There are also radiator heaters in the flat, so we have another heat source.

However, the flat was advertised with gas fireplace. Can we still ask for a rent reduction if the landlord decides that he doesn’t fix the fireplace?



Hi Pascal

As it’s mentioned in the inventory then it’s the landlord’s responsibility to maintain it. The fact that it wasn’t tested doesn’t remove that responsibility. So yes you can ask for a rent reduction as a result but it will be a case of negotiating to try and get it as landlords will rarely give these things away easily.



 Hi. I am just wondering how you got on as amazingly we have exactly the same problem! Our landlord is also refusing ven though she knew the fire had been condemned the day before we viewed the property. The agent is backing her up and we are just hitting a brick wall. Very frustrating.

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