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Flat I'm moving out of advertised as 'furnished' - the furniture is mine

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I’m moving out of my current flat in a few weeks and it’s now being advertised on all the property sites as ‘furnished.’ This is incorrect as I originally rented the flat unfurnished and provided all of the furniture myself.

My new flat is furnished, so once I’ve taken everything I need (which won’t be a lot) I’d be happy to leave the rest in there provided I was compensated in some way for doing so, given that they’ll be getting extra rent for a furnished flat – I was thinking maybe 50% reduced rent for the final month of the tenancy? Does that sound like something the landlords and agents would entertain? Does that happen?

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It doesn’t sound right to me. Check to see if the Agents have made a mistake on there Advertisement. Could a simple mistake. Contact them and let them know.


Hi Joe

As suggested above, I would check this with the agents. If they’re not letting it as furnished then you’ll need to remove all your furniture or they could charge you for doing it. 

If they do want to let it as furnished then offer them your terms. The last flat I left the landlord kept my wardrobe and bed as I didn’t need them – for £200 – so it’s perfectly possible. If the agents are not responsive then go direct to the landlord – some agents can be obstructive just because they can’t be bothered to deal with the details..


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