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Flat mates parents frequent stays

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I live in a near central London flat share. It has 3 tenants (including myself – 2 bedrooms and the lounge is used as a third) under a shared tenancy.

One of my flat mates has his parents to stay very frequently. To give an idea of the frequency and duration: they stay at least once a month, up to 3 times a month for periods of 1-5 nights. We’re all mid twenties and early thirties and work in London. The flat is very small and has one shared bathroom. They use the shared spaces, have their own key, let themselves in and out, clean and behave as if it were their own home.

It is impossible to discuss and I’ve so far managed to get him to tell me when they are going to stay, and maybe even for how long, but when I brought up the importance of their asking me, I was met with the response ‘Why should I have to ask you?’ along with a long list of reasons why they can stay. But none of the reasons justify not staying in a Hotel or B&B, perhaps except monetary ones. I’ve tried being diplomatic and being firm. The third flat mate has moved out and we are waiting for a new one to move in. If I force the Landlord to put restrictions on the visits it’ll make the environment untenable. I could move out, but it not for a while.

I perhaps just need someone to tell me that A) I’m not delusional thinking this is unusual and unfair and B) Is there anything you’d suggest to remedy the situation?

Thank you.


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Hi Cilian,

Additional/guests are typically not permitted in a property- especially one with no extra rooms. What is more, they certainly should not have keys and ready access to the property.

However, this is for you (and your flatmate) to address with the 3rd flatmate directly. If that is unsuccessful then the matter should be reported to the Landlord/Managing Agent for them to address.

Hope that helps.

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