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Flatmates subletted my room without my knowledge

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I moved out for 2 weeks in May for exams and my flatmates got another person to rent my room for June without telling me or me giving them permission to do so. 

I wanted to rent the room for myself for June. I had paid the agent on 1st June but the lodger has paid rent on 1st/2nd June. I came into the room to find the lodger on 2nd June.

 What rights do I have to penalise them and obtain my room or money back without the agent penalising me as they may think I subletted my room? 

Also we collectively (at the beginning of contract in October) decided to sublet the living room but I believe that this is forbidden also by the agent. I am the lead tenant so I may be penalised for this I don’t know. 

Ask me any questions if you need any clarification. 

Thank you for your help

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Hi Sam- any form of sub-letting or changing of Tenants is not permitted within a contract term without the prior consent of the Lanslord and/or letting agent. As such, it sounds like you are in multiple breaches.

What is more, if you are on an AST, you cannot simply be repaced wthout consent, notice and new contracts- that is completely illegal.

I would get your flatmates to sort the issue immediately, failing that I would go and see the letting agent in person and have them help you.

Hope that helps- Kristjan

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