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floor rotten only repaired 3/4

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our private rented house has suffdered wiith dry rot and reporte3d to estate agaent who sent someone to repair it.  after a couple of week the floor gave way,  upon pulling back the carpet we fpund they had repaird 3/4 why they did not d the last 1/4 which is at the bottom the stairs il never know.  it was re reported they came  check and i keep ringng and the answer is landlord has not given persmission to fix. but he gave permission to fix a new shower screen in the bathroom.  since this i came downstairs and fell through tghe hole and am now having elecrical pain everytime4 i cough or shout  or tense up i think i have trapped a nerve when i fell over through the hole. is this right surely itshould of all been fixed it is dry trot and it also had mushroom mould growing along the edges of the hallway where it is and scrape iit away and it comes back. i have taken photots of floor, mould etc and am now contacting solicitor as i have babies and this is not good for them they have alsdo fallen through the floor as we have to go past it to go to bed i now have to sleep downstairs with 1 of the babies to be sure he wont jus go wondering and playing with the mould mushroom growth.  the pain in my neck and arms will not go away i thought it would just clivk back and release the nerve in time but has not. i cannot raise my voice if to shout the kids for anyting i have to sit in a certain position and lay with my arm behind my head to i do not get this painfull ache and loss of feeling in my hands.  what do i do.

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