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I have been renting a property for over 5 years. Some of the carpets were worn when we moved in and I had to clean the house as the last tenant had dogs but hadn’t cleaned. I had to put my own cooker in as the house did not have one, also there is one fire in the house which has never worked. I tried to get them to put in another fire but they said they did not put it in so its not their responsibility. The back door and door jam started to rot a few years ago and I kept telling them this and today they are finally putting a new door in, this is a result of the floor rotting and splitting which was incredibly dangerous as the floor was giving way. It has taken over 2 months to fix it, the lino is ruined and curled but they are saying they don’t do flooring. The hallway carpets were already worn but now have huge holes in due to more wear and tear over 5 years, they also say this is nothing to do with them. I would like to know where I stand on this, I presumed the flooring is something the landlord should replace. If I do pay to have it replaced would I be within my rights to take it with me when I move. I have already paid to replace gates etc.

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Hi Nichola,

Your tenancy agreement should very clear;y set out the Landlords obligations. This usually includes the upkeep of the property. I would advise that you sumbit a list of essentila works to the Landlords and request a schedule of works withn 14 days with works to commence within no more than 28 days. Advise them that, if this is not undertaken, you will report the matter to the Environmental Health Dept at your local council to investigate and take action accordingly.

Hope that helps.

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