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Foreigners: Landlord postpone moving in (after contract is signed) and pays no accommodation

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Hi there,

We signed a tenancy agreement (ASSURED SHORTHOLD TENANCY AGREEMENT) and paid the security deposit as well as the first month in advance.

The day after moving in we were told by the agent the boiler needs to be replaced and that we cannot get inside the property until they finish replacing the boiler.

We’re staying in a hotel and they don’t want to pay the hotel. They say they only will return us the money for the days we cannot get into the property. We need to stay at least in a hotel since we have a 2 year old baby.

Do I have the right to make them pay the hotel expenses?

Thanks a lot,


Hi Daniel

Normally, if they’re refunding you the entire rent for the days that you’re not going to be able to stay in the property then you most likely wouldn’t be able to claim the cost of a hotel in addition to that – it seems reasonable that the refund you get should be used to cover the cost of the hotel. Does the daily cost of the hotel exceed the refunded rent?


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