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Frustrated/confused Tenant

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Two things 

I need some advice. I privately rent a 2 bed flay and have done for the past 3 years. My assured tenancy is due for renewl on 7th July and landlord wants me to sign for another year with a 6month break clause, but because of future plans which could happen before the 6months he wont do a rolling tenancy and i asked hm to put a 3 month break clause in which he refused but said if we both give each other 2months notice then we can work something out re outstanding rent if i need to leave before the 6months.. I aske him to put that in writing but he hasnt.. should he/ must he??

Also in Oct last year my flat was flooded from boiler upstairs due to British gas putting wrong part in.. they have accepted its their fault. My kitchen, living room hall and bathrom were all damaged by the water.  Loss adjusters came out 4 weeks later, but i was left to clear up. Now 8 months down the line they want to carry out the repairs. Living room, kitchen and bathroom ceilings all need to come down as they were tested for asbestos.  Then new ceilings put  in and decorated. I have paid my rent every month since i moved in , i actually pay it a week early on the 1st of the month. 

I have been told i need to move out for at least 2-3weeks for the wor to be done. They will put me up in a hotel and my cats in a cattery, although one isnt very well. I need to know what i am entitled to ask for as they have said they will give me £10 a day for food while in hotel and pay for hotel and cattery. They have told me they wont move my stuff into storage but i dont want it covered in asbestos dust !! 

should i insist they move my stuff out, do they have to provide boxes and bubble wrap? Are they liable to compensate me for my laundry costs while in hotel?

I have also been told they wont pay my rent or compensate me in any other way and i have to pay full rent even though i wont have use of my flat for the 2-3 weeks while i am in a hotel!! Surely my landlords insurance should be claiming from british gas for all these costs!??  

I am registered disabled and just had an operation last friday and due to have two more .. I really dont know what to do or what my rights are as this was not my fault and i have waited all this time for things to be done and i need to move out my flat for £10 a day to feed myself and do my laundry!!!

Please advise if you can.


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