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When we first took this flat it included a reasonable lounge suite, but after 14 years it had lost all its springing and was very shabby. We asked the landlord to replace it and, unfortunately, he replace it with a very rubbishy couch and only one chair, both made of a simple wooden crate body covered in canvas-like fabric, no springs to the seating, only cushions to sit on, through which one can feel the boards. Nor is there a proper back to each item, only more cushions which have sagged. When I sit in the one only chair I vanish because the arms are actually higher than my shoulders. In self-preservation we kept one of the original old chairs, which I have used instead, but it has now given up and I vanish into a hole in that too. Even with endless cushions to build up the seat I am still getting a very stiff neck. Is the landlord obliged to replace this awful furniture. The old chair is now 18 years old and the new furniture 4 years old.

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There is no legal definition of how often the landlord should re-furnish. These are things you need to sort out between you and them. 

I would suggest that you can purchase better pillows and salvage what you already have. 

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