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Garage Key not supplied

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We moved into a property 3 weeks ago which was not provided with a garage key.

Speaking with the agency, they’ve requested the key and the landlords states that he must have packed it away, he’s had a look and cannot find it, is unwilling to pay £60 to have the lock changed/new keys provided and says that he will have another look for the key once he has moved into his new house and has his items out of storage (currently no ETA).

One of the reasons we purchased this property was due to the garage and the security it grants (cheaper insurance for cars/bikes, along with storage of tools and parts) obviously.. this is an issue for me as my insurance is currently void and any items stored there vunreble… he’s also not cleared the garage of his items with no mention on when he will eventually do it (i assume after he moves…)

What can i do in this situation? surely I’m entitled to a key for the garage as it was advertised as part of the propery and one of the main reasons we have gone ahead and rented it.

Any help would be great, the agnecy is going to ask him again to reconsider but i get the feeling they’re more on the landlords side than ours and express dissinterest and lack of sympathy with our needs over the phone.

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Of course, you’re entitled to a key or a replacement lock. Especially if the garage has a link to the inside of the house it becomes a very serious security issue. 

However, enforcement of this right can be very tricky. There is practically no legal mechanism for you to enforce the right to a garage key, unless making some sort of a court claim, which sounds absurd for something worth 60 pounds. 

To be frank, the easiest way to resolve this is to pay for the lock and key replacement and if the landlord never finds the original key, you can negotiate to have this money deducted from your rent. 

Obviously, there is a chance to never recoup the money, which is not what you really want. 

Option two is to become the most annoying person on the planet and to give the landlord and letting agent so much trouble that they decide to just fix your problem just to get you off their back. 

This, of course, is annoying for you also and will inflate your phone bill at the end of the month with no promise of success. 

Sorry, if this reply is not helpful, but it’s a really sticky situation. The issue is not of significant magnitude (a 60 pound fix) and even though you have rights there is practically no way to exercise them. 

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