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Garden dispute

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I have an AST tenancy for twelve months and i am in month five, my house is a terraced house and the LL owns the adjoining house next door. When i moved in the garden was a mess because he was renovating the house next door, he said he’d clear the garden and he has but hes now started pulling the fence down, I’ve attached pictures so you can see where it was. I think he plans to merge the two garden but I rented this with a private garden and that’s how I would like it to stay. When i called he said he’d get his mother to ring me as it’s actually her that owns the house but there’s a little bit of a language barrier there that makes me nervous, and I kinda feel that it might turn in to an argument because i was passed off. My question is do i have any rights here? Can i insist the property remains as it was when i rented it? If not can i ask for a rent deduction as compensation? Am i better off keeping everything in writing? Should i get an intermediary as this is a privately rented property and i dont have the buffer of an estate agent? Is there some sort of written notice/ letter I should send? I just have no idea what do to and i don’t want this turning in to a whole thing but i feel like it might :S He also mentioned on the phone re cementing the whole area which i think would take forever and I dont really want going on while I’m trying to live here, I believe the work is purely aesthetic and not structural,

Any help would be so deeply appreciated, Thanks for reading  

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I believe you should have a good chat with your landlord and ask them about what their plans are for the garden and voice your concerns about the garden and your expectations. 

We here promote communication and good relationships between renters and landlords. This can only be achieved through dialog. 

Finding an intermediary and sending written notices will make the matter more serious than it SHOULD be. However, if you feel they can’t be resolved without, you most definitely switch to written communication. 

As for your rights, you have a right to have the property in the state in which you received it when signing the contract. You can peacefully explain that you are fond of your privacy and will request that the private garden is returned to your use until the end of the tenancy. 

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