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Garden shed ownership dispute

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There is a shed in the garden of the house we have been renting for 12 years now. This shed is now starting to fall apart and needs to be replaced. I contacted the lettings agency but, to my surprise, I was told that they don’t believe this to be their responsibility as neither they nor this specific landlord provides garden sheds. They think that a former tenant must have erected it.

The shed was there when we moved in an it has never before been mentioned to me that it does not belong to the property. In fact, I have raised the poor state of the shed on several occassions when our 6-monthly inspections were carried out and this was put on the record, again without mentioning that this does not belong to the property. Furthermore, new roof felt was put down on this shed by a contractor of the agency some years ago.

So, I’m wondering about the implications now. If this shed isn’t safe anymore then it will have to be replaced. It now looks to me as though the agency is trying to make me responsible for that. can this be legal? Can it even be right that I was handed this property without being informed that the shed does not belong to it? Had I known this I would have demanded it would be demolished.

Thank you for your help!

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Hi Tospo

Is the shed mentioned in the tenancy agreement or on your inventory? If it’s in the inventory then that would indicate it’s part of the property. The tenancy may make you responsible for the maintenance of a shed – just as you are for the maintenance of the garden – but your obligation is to keep it in the state it was in when you arrived at the property, not to make it better than it was before you moved in.


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