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Gas and electricity meters who pays?!

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I am a Tennant in a hmo property private rented. In my tenancy I am responsible for my own gas and electricity. However new tenants have moved in and theirs is included in there rent but I am the only person putting money on the gas and electricity key meters so basically the landlord is getting paid for it and not putting this on the the gas and electricity meters I am on benefits and can’t keep affording to do this.  The landlord agency and other tenants will not do anything and I am at my wits end. Is this illegal and what should I so? 


Hi Teresa

Can you ask the landlord to provide you with a new tenancy that puts you on the same footing as the other tenants? Are they paying more rent than you or the same?

In terms of whether it’s illegal, you would need to speak to a solicitor (try a law centre). I’m not a lawyer but I can’t think of anything that would make this illegal although it is unfair.

Presumably you should only be paying for your own gas and electricity usage and not the other tenants – it might be worth asking the landlord (in writing) what proportion of the gas and electricity costs he has assigned to you and how much he is covering for the other tenants. Or work this out yourself and put in writing what your monthly contribution should be. Once you’ve paid this you could always simply stop topping up the meters and the other tenants will have to contact the landlord to get him to deal with it.


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