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Gas bill issue

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I have the following query:

The property which I am currently renting used to be an office, which was later turned into appartments. However, British Gas was not informed on time and I ended up receiving a bill on Business rate. When I asked the Letting Agency to deal with this, after a long waiting period I got a reply saying that I should “just” do the transfer myself. When I contacted them, it turned out that it’s a lenghty procedure that will take some time and I will still get billed on the business rate before the new contract takes effect. So, I wanted to see, is it my fault for not enquiring this at the very beginig or whether this is a letting agency’s fault for not informing me about this, or rather this must have been done by the landlord before we moved in? Additionally, do I have a case for any sort of refund or compensation? Because it dragged on for so long, and I didin’t receive timely updates from the agency, I end up paying quite a bit extra, and I’m already on a tight budget. Many thanks in advance!

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Hi Serge,

The landlord should have advised British Gas when it was converted. You could not possibly foresee that it would be on Business tariff.

However, I suggest you try and sort it with British Gas, who should refund you back to the start of the tenancy.

If they refuse, then you will have a claim against your landlord.


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