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Gas bill not itemised

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Hello, this is my first post here, I’m hoping someone will be able to help.

We purchased a property and moved in mid December. The lettings agent just sent me an email stating the amount to be paid and the account details to pay into however the bill is not itemised-no details of units used, charge per unit etc. The charges are covering usage from Frbruary 2016, the demand for payment has only been made now despite sending meter readings regularly. The property had a communal boiler, I assume the bills are in the name of the block management property. 

We’ve had an issue with them previously when they sent us the itemised bill as the price of the unit seemed extortionate (14p per unit in 2013), but apparently the units they charge are not kWh, which are measured on the gas meter? I still do not understand this and it was not explained to us either. The management company agreed a bill reduction that time.

So my question is – is the lettings agent required to produce an itemised bill? Am I liable for this bill as it was never in my name (I’m not trying to avoid paying but I’d like your opinions)?


The bill can be forwarded to you easily, as the landlord or letting agent, need to prove you were occupying the property during this time. This can be seen from the tenancy agreement and other official documents, like the check in report. 

You are entitled to a detailed breakdown of your bill. Simply request it from the agent. Tell them you want to know exactly how much your are paying for what. It is your right to request this information and they should not unreasonably deny you.  

Tell them you are going to pay after you see the breakdown of your bill and everything should turn out fine.  

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