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Gas central heating

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had a old boiler that broke down , so housing association decided to change the boiler in the middle oh winter I went 8 days without heat or hot water (the housing assoc did give me heaters) that I payed the electricity for , to cut a long story short my new boiler has broke down twice in a month and again been without heat n hot water since yesterday at 10 am , I’ve been phoning them constantly but according to them that it’s the law that you can go 30 hrs without it being fixed , hence while I’m still waiting to 8pm tonight to get my boiler fixed , what can a do and is this the law ????? 


Hi Margaret

Can you ask them where they got this from -which ‘law’ specifically? They should really be backing that up with a reference to a piece of legislation. All too often people say ‘it’s the law’ but you shouldn’t accept that from anyone who isn’t actually a lawyer. They might be right of course but no harm in asking them where it comes from.

Normally, something like no heating or hot water would be regarded as an urgent repair and action should be taken WITHIN 24 hours – I don’t know why there would be a waiting period. However, ‘the law’ only states that repairs should be carried out within a reasonable time frame. There’s some informaiton here about how to make complaints about repairs not properly done by housing associations and ways to try and get them to speed up the process.

Hope you get it fixed soon.



I don’t think there is any such law. I am not a lawyer but one of my friend has rented her granny flat but she never had such law. She has rented her granny flat which is built with all the basic amenities by granny flat solutions. You must consult a lawyer if the problem gets severe.

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