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Gas Cert causing probelms

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I’ve arrange to rent a new place from 01/01/2017.

I signed the tenancy agreement on 28/11/2016 and paid 3 months rent in advance before that. As soon as I signed I handed in my notice and need to vacant my current property on 02/01/2017.

Today the agent emails me to say that unfortunately they don’t have a valid gas cert and that we won’t be able to move in until at least 09/01/2017.

I understand they can’t let me enter until it is sorted out, but the agent is now saying that the contract that I’ve signed and paid for isn’t legally binding as they haven’t signed it yet on behalf of the landlord. Obviously this is extremely shoddy as we have arranged the move etc based on the contract that I’ve signed.

Surely they must have some responsiblity as they have had nearly a month to sort all this out but just haven’t bothered.

I would appreciate any advice as to how to deal with situation.


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We rarely get a situation where THE AGENT wants to make the contract not legally binding in order to DO THEIR JOB.  

Perhaps there is a very civilised solution to this problem:

You’ve already paid three months of rent + all the upfront costs and fees, so there is something binding the arrangement. Perhaps, the agent can offer a week’s rent back (or just make a discount for month 4) and allow you to move in your luggage, but agree that you would stay somewhere else for a week as the gas certificate gets sorted out. 

You can ask your current landlord to extend your tenancy for a week – most landlords will agree. 

Alternatively, stay with friends, family, or even in a hotel. It’s only a week and the agent seems to be trying to do a good job. It’s annoying, but you will appreciate a safer property. 


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