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Gas Safety Certificate

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I am concerned because the Gas Safety Certificate for the home I rent, runs out on the 19th July. Because the tenant wants a new radiator & it’s the same plumber I used for last years certificate (which was done 8 days ahead of expiry date) so she knows him – they have communicated together to sort out a date they can both agree on – she has emailed me to say it’s the 26th July, which will be one week late. Is this a problem?? I’m concerned as there is so much written about how important the annual Certificate is. I can’t find out anywhere online how serious it is for being 7 days late – but I use an agent who is email shouting at me that this is not acceptable.

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Hi Veronica,

Whilst a property is occupied you cannot allow a Gas Certificate to elapse. Should anything happen, BOTH you and the agent could face a jail sentence- it is that serious!

You will have to arrange a new certificate before the current one expires and then carry out any additional work thereafter.

This is very serious and your agents are absolutely correct to insist this is resolved.

P.S. Installing a new radiator should not affect the GSC as this is wet plumbing work and nothing to do woth the gas feed/supply.

Hope that helps.

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