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Gas Smell

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I’ve been living in a student house since september with 3 other people and have had no real problems until this evening when I woke up from a nap and smelled a strong gas smell in my room, I checked all around the house and outside but it appears it was literally only my room. 

I left my landlord a voicemail, email and text but he has not responded, now granted it was 9:30pm when I sent them I still feel that wasn’t so late that he couldn’t have responded to atleast the voicemail or text. I didn’t expect him to come around in person as he lives in a different area but I figured he could at least call someone to get it checked out.

I opened up all the windows in my room and turned off the heating etc it’s now 11:20pm and the smell is mostly gone

My biggest concern is how long I was asleep for before I woke up and smelled it, also the fact that it went on for so long, you could smell it for over an hour which means before we turned everything off it was coming from a source instead of just being something that made the smell and then disappeared. 

And since my landlord did not reply, he didn’t send anyone out so I have no idea if it was toxic/harmful, factoring in that I already have a bad chest it seems this issue won’t be addressed until tomorrow when all traces of the gas smell have gone so I won’t even be able to know what it was. 

My question is, how should I go about handling this? Was my landlord at fault for not replying to me? Should I go for a doctors check up? Does this violate some part of my tenancy agreement? Or was it nothing and I’m just making a fuss out of something small?

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Any suspected gas leaks should be reported immediately to Transco and investigated by them. They will identify and enforce the applicable action.

Aside from that make sure the Landlord supplies you with a copy of a valid Gas Safety Certificate (the Landlord/Agent are reuqired to supply you with a copy by law).

Hope this helps.

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