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Getting a pet.

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 Hi Guys,

Im facing a bit of an upset in the property weve been in. I will try and condense the who thinng as much as possible!

Me and my partner have wanted a dog for ages but couldnt due to the fact we were in a flat, now we have a garden we decided to approach the agent to request we be allowed to get a dog. I sent them an email, trying to lay theirs and the landlords fears to rest as much as possibly by offering to pay any extra deposit required, by making sure the dog would never be left at home, we have a family member with dogs who would look after it whilst we were at work or doggy day care, by getting the place professionally cleaned upon our leaving, being ok with more regular inspections to check the property, its also a breed that doesnt shed hardly at all so less mess.

in the tenancy agreement it says no pets without consent etc and ‘in the event any animal is approved the tenant agrees to pay an immediate non refundable fee of £75 plus vat in the event further deodorising and de-infestation is necessary at the end of the tenancy’

Long and short of it i heard nothing from the letting agent to texted the landlord to see if they had contacted him (he has contacted me via mobile before) and he point blank refused to allow a dog, i replied saying i understand, and not to think me rude but is there any way we could come to some sort of agreement with regards to it. and he text back saying ‘we are not prepared to allow a dog’.

I dont want to push the matter any further with him obviosuly but i am a bit upset. I know the landlord doesnt know us but we did everything properly, tried to ensure there would be no financial impact on thr lanlord, pay whatever they wanted really (thats how much we want a dog). 

I guess i just dont know what to do really, weve tried to relieve any financial worries for the landlord but i find it a bit unreasonable.


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Hi Carla

I have a dog and it is a constant struggle to find a landlord who will accept a pet. Despite the fact that my last landlord said I was the best tenant he had ever had, even with the dog. Some people – especially if they haven’t had a dog themselves – don’t understand that it really doesn’t have to be a problem but if your landlord is renting out this property just to make money then they’re unlikely to want to take the risk.

Unfortunately, if the landlord says no then you don’t have any right to insist as you’ve signed the tenancy agreement that requires the landlord’s consent. If you go ahead and get a dog anyway then you’ll likely be presented with an eviction notice or being forced to get rid of the pet which would be awful. The best thing is to find a landlord who will accept a pet (they do exist).




Thanks for your reply. I understand I am in no position to insist the landlord allows us to have a dog, I just find it a little unreasonable that there is no room for negotiation. I know for certain the previous tenants had a very fluffy cat live indoors  (which apparently didn’t like going outside) as it was there when we viewed the property.

I know dogs are a bit of a different story but the lengths we were willing to go to to protect the landlords property and provide a extra deposit plus the fact there was a cat living here before honestly left me with the feeling we could come to some arrangement.

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