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Getting out before I get in - In a soup

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I have just been off the phone from HMRC and they are going to send me a tax demand. My problem is that I have paid my 1 month rent, broker fees and deposit.

I did sign a online agreement for tenancy for 2 years with a 6 month break. However I cannot afford to pay the rent in the light of my new found problem.

Few more details:
– I haven’t done the referencing yet
– Today the agency sent another new agreement to sign as the previous ones had a minor fault in the landlords contact details (just ‘A’ misspelt as ‘T’). I haven’t signed this as yet (but does it matter as i signed one yesterday)

Can i somehow get away with not taking the possession and get my deposit and rent back. I don’t mind if i loose the broker fees

Please help!



If your landlord’s name was misspelled, it means the contract was invalid and thus not binding to you. 

You probably can walk away, but you will lose all the letting fees for sure. 

The rent and deposit should be returned to you, as no valid binding contract is made.


However, you probably have to live somewhere, can you not pay the tax in installments and keep your current property ? 

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