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Getting your personal things back

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Hi my landlord twice now has changed the locks on me to the flat i was renting in Liverpool until the last time she changed my locks,i ended up homeless as she did this when i went to my old hometown Portsmouth to visit my sister.
I had nowhere else to go at that time of day as all my friends in Liverpool couldn’t help me, so i had no choice but to quickly get back on the train & go to my sisters.
I’ve since found a new home in Hartlepool but the old landlady wont even give me back my personal property & possessions which include important paperwork from courts & solicitors plus my items i put into the flat as it was unfurnished when i was renting it.
I had one months rent overdue but was working it out with her to clear it until she did this to me.
I have sent her an email stating that she couldn’t do what she done as she never served me with a section 21 & that really she has broken into my home as there was only one set of keys to the property of which i had on me. I have asked kindly for her to drop of my items in Hartlepool as she also has properties here aswell as Liverpool that she see’s to.
Could you advise me please on what i can do as this happened in July but i was homeless trying to find somewhere else to live which was in a big way more important, i found a new home in August but had to start from scratch again saving what money i had to buy furniture, kettle & everything needed as the old landlady has everything of mine. Now im safe with a roof over my head & re-registered back at a Dr’s & hospital as im not very well either, i’ve also gained the strength mentally now to sort this out as need my personal paperwork back as due to go back to court to fight for my daughter but i need a new solicitor here & they need the paperwork to read whats happened.
Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Hi & thank you for replying to help me. I thought that she had no rights to my possessions & the rent that was owed she’d have to take me to a small claims court to get it back?? Unless im wrong??

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