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Girlfriend moved in + rent questions

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Hi I live in a 4-bedroom shared house, and my girlfriend has moved into my room. Prior to moving in my housemates were happy to let her stay but I had not informed the landlord, which I now know I should have done. Upon a house-viewing for next year’s tenants he saw my girlfriend’s stuff and told me I had to pay to let her stay. I currently pay £70 a week + (£15 for bills) to total £85. The landlord insists on £35 a week further to let the girlfriend stay until the end of the tenancy (end of July).

The other three housemates will be leaving in June, despite paying for July, so the house will be mostly empty in July. Does the landlord have to charge so much when couple rooms in the area are typically only £10/week more to over for bills? Also since the other tennants won’t be around in July, but will still pay rent for that month, can I point that out to help cover costs?

Many thanks



Unfortunately, this isn’t a case where you have much bargaining power. Because you signed a specific tenancy agreement, the addition of new terms, like your girlfriend living with you, are subject to the scrutiny of both the landlord and the tenant. 

Basically, any term you wish to introduce, can be countered with another term by the landlord, in this case 35ppw increase. 

Does the landlord have to charge so much…? They don’t have to, they choose to, and this is a completely different thing.

I would negotiate for a smaller rent increase, but you will likely not dodge the entire cost. 

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